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Jan 21, 2017

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The younger King described the meeting as "productive." Trump won fewer than 1 out of 10 black voters in November after a campaign of racially charged rhetoric, and tensions have flared anew with his recent criticism of civil rights icon John Lewis, whom the president-elect called "all talk" and "no action." Bernice King avoided a detailed critique of Trump, but said the nation has a choice between "chaos and community," a dichotomy her father preached about. "At the end of the day, the Donald Trumps come and go," she said, later adding, "We still have to find a way to create ... the beloved community." The current Ebenezer pastor, the Rev. Raphael Warnock, did not call Trump by name, but praised his predecessor. "Thank you, Barack Obama," he said. "I'm sad to see you go." In South Carolina, speakers at a state Capitol rally said minority voting power has never been more important and some attendees expressed unease about Trump joining forces with Republican congressional majorities. "It's going to be different, that's for sure," said Diamond Moore, a Benedict College senior who came to the Capitol. "I'm going to give Trump a chance. But I'm also ready to march." In New York, Martin Luther King III told reporters that Trump pledged to be a president for all Americans, but King III added "we also have to consistently engage with pressure, public pressure" because "it doesn't happen automatically." Trump did not participate publicly in any Martin Luther King Jr. Day observances. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama took part in a service project at a shelter in Washington.

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You cant escape them. The casino dodos will play stupidly, talk stupidly and drink too much. But they should never be interfered with, because then they will think you are a dodo and a dodo who think someone else is a dodo can be a dangerous dodo indeed. Donkey: They play slowly because they have to make decisions even in games where no decisions are actually necessary. Doesnt matter what the truth is, as the donkey plods along at his pace and that is, my friends, that. Dragonfly: Oh, man, this person places a bet at your game, wins or loses, and flies away to somewhere else. Many other players are of the opinion that the dragonflies spoil how the cards are ordered; this makes those other players very angry with dragonflies. Duck: Quack! Quack!

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He now must make this number again before a 7 is rolled in order to win. If a 7 is rolled he loses his pass line bet and everyone who bet with him also lose their pass line bets. You can simply put a bet down on the pass line when the shooter first gets the dice. If that makes you nervous just put $6 or $12 on the layout and say Place the six. Now you are rooting for the 6 to appear before the 7. If you win on the 6 you will receive a $7 payment for your $6 bet; $14 for your $12 bet. ROULETTE: This game needs little explaining. Just choose a number or proposition (such as red or black; odd or even) on which to wager. The dealer will give you time to do this and then she will call no more bets and spin the wheel. If the number or proposition hits, you will win.

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